Oxford College of IT Technology Faisalabad

Category: Administration

Message From Principal

Saif ul Qahhar MSC (CS) (MC) Praise to Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala who bestowed the honor of establishment of Oxford College of Engineering and Technology on us. It is with immense pleasure that I introduce and welcome you to the college prospectus. Your choice of institute and degree courses will have a profound influence on […]

Message From Chairman

Rana M. Masood Ahmad Ex.Principal Govt.College Of Technology, Samanabad Faisalabad. Engineering & Technology are the most liked professions by ALLAH – The Almighty. Rizaq-i-Hilal is achieved by Expertise in the technical profession and essentially requires Quality Education*. And that is what is promised by the Oxford College Team. I wish a bright future for all those […]

Message From Director

Chaudhry Riaz Ahmad Wahed Ex. Expert Engineer, Ministry of Environment Qatar. Ex. Principal Scientist, NIAB, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Ex. IAEA Expert, F&A Organization UNO. Engineers and technologists establish sound foundation for the development of a country. The technical development number of Engineering and technology institutes in a country, Non government sector institutes proper highly quality […]