Message From Chairman

Rana M. Masood Ahmad

Ex.Principal Govt.College Of Technology, Samanabad Faisalabad.

Engineering & Technology are the most liked professions by ALLAH – The Almighty. Rizaq-i-Hilal is achieved by Expertise in the technical profession and essentially requires Quality Education*. And that is what is promised by the Oxford College Team. I wish a bright future for all those who have endeavoured to explore new horizons of Science & Technology. With this in mind, we have been continuing to strengthen our links with community, industry and business to develop the best outcomes for our students. The advance hand-on training embedded in our courses not only underpins learning but also gives a tangible advantage in the employment market to our students.

At Oxford, we not only focus on technical education but also on organizational and moral values. We believe in professionalism coupled with ethical and moral commitments. At Oxford, we welcome the individuals who really want to grow and willing to serve the nation independently. We assure all the new entrants very fulfilling experience during their studies and wish all the best for their future.

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