Message From Director

Chaudhry Riaz Ahmad Wahed

Ex. Expert Engineer, Ministry of Environment Qatar.
Ex. Principal Scientist, NIAB, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.
Ex. IAEA Expert, F&A Organization UNO.

Engineers and technologists establish sound foundation for the development of a country. The technical development number of Engineering and technology institutes in a country, Non government sector institutes proper highly quality work force at no cost to government. At the same time they offer mass educator, well trained and dedicated skilled man power any state of the Art training program.

At OXFORD campus the academic studies, workshop trainings and industrial market requirement. That is why the Oxfordian DAE, find no difficulty in getting employment and get good earning.

Overseas Pakistanis maintains the life line of Pakistan’s economic lay sending millions of dollars to buying prosperities to the families and ultimately benefits the whole community. DAE holders from Pakistan enjoy maximum employment opportunities in developed countries and especially in Arab countries. So the students should work hard to learn maximum know training and experts in their displaying to create honourable position in this world full of challenges and opportunities.

I may also recommend learning the working knowledge of English and Arabic as they are spoken in almost & 70% of the developed/developing countries of the world.

Wishing best of the luck in an honourable and well earning carries of life.

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