Message From Principal

Saif ul Qahhar


Praise to Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala who bestowed the honor of establishment of Oxford College of Engineering and Technology on us. It is with immense pleasure that I introduce and welcome you to the college prospectus. Your choice of institute and degree courses will have a profound influence on the rest of your life and the prospectus is intended to assist you in this important decision. This prospectus covers both, the introduction to departments and the courses offered. Oxford College is one of the oldest institutes in Faisalabad, affiliated with Punjab Board of Technical Education and registered with TEVTA (Govt. of Punjab). Oxford College since it established, is working hard towards excellence. Our education style is quite unique, consisting of knowledge based theory and practical session and hence providing assurance for students professional life and prosperous future.

Our highly qualified, experienced and mature faculty is one of our valuable assets. The professional dedication and sustained hard work of faculty help us in achieving academic standards and high moral character and conduct. We have well equipped labs for all technology departments consisting of advanced tools, instruments and machinery etc. for practical work, as standardized by TEVTA and PBTE. We strongly promote academic excellence and also believe that a key role of our institute is to prepare our youth for entering into the skilled workforce.

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