Safety Officers / Advisers, also known as safety practitioners, ensure that safety requirements are met within the work place. They may work as part of a health and safety team or department and will be trained in health and safety laws, regulations and best practice.

They also encourage and educate employees to take precautions and adhere to safety rules to protect themselves and the equipment they use from damage. This will range from simple advice about how long to spend at a computer terminal, to more complex information about handling dangerous substances.

Oxford College of Engineering & Technology is the only institute in Faisalabad that offers 3 and 6 months Safety Officer Course in Faisalabad. Oxford College of Engineering & Technology is affiliated with NTB (National Training Board) and students are offered to choose 3 or 6 months Safety Officer Diplomas. If you want to get admission in Safety Officer Course please visit our college office to get admission forms.

College fee and registration fee details.

Street Address: Behind Ideal Sweets, Bilal Chowk, Samanabad, Faisalabad.

Principal’s Cell Phone: 03007603323
Principal’s Email:

Office Phone: 041-2669906, 041-8009866

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